two super things joined at the hip. why not join?

lets make data mix love and trade. music and mail!
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data mix love


  • you want new music but dont know really what you want. all you know is you want new music.

  • post what you like. post what you own. post what you kinda of what.

  • easy way to show what you own, share you slsk name or aim name if you have it set up to share files, or your recordnerd name, ect

  • someone will be like "yo lets trade" or something to that effect.

  • and then....hopefull make a trade


  • the deal is done between the two of you.

  • dont be a jackass and not go though with the deal.

  • dont be rude to what others music taste is.

  • dont promate lame stuff. other music communities, thats cool. your band. thats cool too. but dont let it just be promo stuff. just post something and then add the promo to it.

  • dont bring drama to this either.

  • this is about music. nothing else.


you'll be getting major karma points if you do!

super MUSIC communities

oh&ps; DISCAIMER; The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you choose to do with the music afterward is your own responsiblity.

questions? hate mail?

[edit] this community is about trading DATA DISK's though the MAIL. you get new music and get mail! your able to trade mp3s and shit here too but the main point is to get data disks. one cd with TONS of cds on it. if you know how to burn a cd, your gonna be able to burn a data disk. just change the option/preference in whatever cd burning program you use. its not that hard! but its about DATA MIX LOVE not can you send me this mp3?[/edit]
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